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Animals / Животные

тексты на английском языке про животных

Business / Бизнес

тексты на английском языке про бизнес

Country / Страна

тексты на английском языке про страны

Famous Persons / Знаменитые люди

тексты на английском языке про знаменитых людей

History / История

тексты на английском языке по истории

Humanities / Гуманитарные Науки

тексты на английском языке про гуманитарные науки

Literature / Литература

тексты на английском языке по литературе

Miscellaneous / Разное

тексты на английском языке обо всем на свете

Movies / Кино

тексты на английском языке про кино и фильмы

Music / Музыка

тексты на английском языке про музыку

Philosophy / Философия

тексты на английском языке по философии

Professions / Профессии

тексты на английском языке по психологии

Psychology / Психология

тексты на английском языке по психологии

Religion / Религия

тексты на английском языке про религию

Russia / Россия

тексты на английском языке про Россию

Science / Наука

тексты на английском языке про науку

Society / Общество

тексты на английском языке про общество и людей

Sport / Спорт

тексты на английском языке про Спорт

Technical / Технический

технические тексты для чтения на английском языке

Technology / Технологии

тексты на английском языке про технологии

Английские тексты

Construction — Строительство

Construction is one of the oldest human occupations. The ancient people, if there were no caves, they had to build themselves small huts to wait out the cold night, shelter from insects ...

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The main problems of the transport system of Russia — Транспорт и главные проблемы транспортной системы в России

In the Russian market of transport services there are more than 550 thousand operators, among which more than half are private firms and individual entrepreneurs. At their disposal ...

Electricity and its role in our lives — Роль электричества в нашей жизни

Now it is almost impossible to imagine modern life without electrical appliances and electricity. For several generations, they are surprised and do not understand — how did people ...

The engineer — Инженер

The concept of “engineer” originated in Italy in the Middle Ages. At first, it was called so gunsmiths and control, of military vehicles. To date, the functions of a representative ...

My first flight by plane — Мой первый полет на самолете

I’ll tell you about my first flight by plane. To say that I was terribly afraid, it’s like not saying anything. The flight was early, so the rise in 3 nights absolutely ...

Oil in everyday life — Нефть в постоянной жизни

Without thinking about the origin of items, we are with you in everyday life are faced wia the goods, the production of which is somehow connected with oil and its components. For example, ...

Planets of the Solar System — Планеты солнечной системы

The solar system is a system of “stars — planets”. In our galaxy, there are approximately 200 billion stars, among which, as experts believe, some stars have planets. The ...

An internal combustion engine — Двигатель внутреннего сгорания

An internal combustion engine (ICE) is a heat engine in which the chemical energy of a fuel that burns in the working cavity is converted into mechanical work. They created ...

Inventor — Изобретатель

An inventor is a creative person or innovator who creates new inventions, mainly technical devices or methods. Although some inventors may also be scientists, most of them are ...

The invention of our days — Изобретение наших дней

The inquisitive mind never stops and is constantly searching for new information. Modern inventions are a vivid example of this. An invention is a new solution that can be ...

Problems of Russian roads — Проблемы российских дорог

As you know, Russia has two misfortunes: fools and roads. And how sad, many ordinary people joke, especially bad, if fools make these same roads. It is known that due to the poor quality ...

The future is a riddle — Будущее это метод

There have always been many hunters to predict the future: fortune tellers, astrologers, palmists, and other Nostradamuses. In the same series, science fiction writers, utopian socialists. ...

Car in our life — Машина в нашей жизни

Today it is impossible to imagine our life without road transport. Every day we go to school, parents to work. A car has long been no longer a luxury, but a means of ...

The Programmer — Программист

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Wozniak, Torvalds Linus, Ilya Valentinovich Segalovich … All these people became famous for their talent in programming. A programmer is a very ...

Mobile phone a means for rapid communication — Мобильный телефон: средство для быстрой связи

The convenience of a mobile phone is that it allows you to always stay in touch with people dear to you: parents, friends, relatives. You can at any time call them on your mobile ...

Information technologies in the life of modern man — Информационные технологии (ИТ) в жизни современного человека

Most of us can’t imagine a day without a computer. The more technology develops, the more accessible are a variety of devices that simplify people’s lives. This also ...

The role of the Internet in our lives — Роль интернета в нашей жизни

Today, the Internet is in almost every home. On the Internet, you can find a lot of very useful information for study or for something else. Many people watch movies on the Internet ...

History of programming — История программирования

Speaking of what programming is in modern interpretation, it is necessary to look at the history of its occurrence. In fact, the automated execution of certain actions, for example, ...

Computer in our life — Компьютер в нашей жизни

The computer has long and tightly entered our lives. I believe that this is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. People managed to create a “smart” machine, with the ...

Economics around us — Экономика вокруг нас

Every day we see the economy around, but it has become so commonplace that people just do not notice the obvious. For example, most often we are faced with the economy in the family. ...

Nature of Scotland — Природа Шотландии

The expanses of this country have a purely northern attractiveness, evoke calm, pacify, relax, help to find harmony in your soul. In addition, the nature of Scotland is very diverse: ...

Sydney — Сидней

Founded only 200 years ago, the tiny city of faraway Australia, Sydney, has now become the most modern city in the world. Sydney is strikingly different from other megacities by ...

Sunny Cyprus — Солнечный Кипр

Sunny Cyprus is a favorite vacation spot of Russian tourists. The country is unique and has a lot of advantages. Among them — economically advantageous territorial location, ...

My journey — Мое путешествие

Рассказ о моем путешествии на английском языке под названием “My journey”. Этот текст для тренировки ...

Sights of New York — Достопримечательности Нью-Йорка

Three days for New York is a drop in the sea, but you can try to swim on the surface, covering the main attractions of the city. It is worth starting from the bottom of Manhattan. ...