Quiz – test your English

Could you travel in English?

You’ve learned airport terminology, and how to give directions in English. Now could you take entire trips in English? Take the test to see if it’s time to book your next holiday.

Can you give directions in English?

Help another traveller out and feel like a local the next time you travel. Here’s how to give directions, so you can tell people the right way to go in English.

Airport terminologies in English

Don’t miss the plane. Know where you need to go and when. This free airport terminology quiz will help you arrive at your next destination smoothly, so you can have nice holidays in English.

Could you get a job in English?

Take the free quiz and get top tips on how to get an English job. See if you’re ready for the challenge.

Can you hunt for a job in English?

The world is full of opportunities now that you know English. Here’s how to take the next step and get an English-speaking job.

Can you write a cover letter in English?

To get a brilliant job in English, you need to be able to write a brilliant cover letter. Here are some top tips on how to impress your future employer.

Can you identify English puns?

Love them or hate them, understanding puns is a lesson you’ll need to learn to help you breeze through English basics.

Do you know your English abbreviations?

OMG! R u ready to take the abbreviations test? GR8! Take the free lesson and advance to the next English level

How good is your English grammar?

Often, English speakers won’t correct your grammar if your sentence has the right meaning. However, the right basic grammar is very important to becoming fluent.

Can you express your love in English?

No amount of flowers, chocolates or slow dances make up for the three little words ‘I love you’. Discover love sayings, love phrases and the language of romance in English.

Can you find love in English?

You’ve learnt the tango, you’ve washed your hair. But when the love of your life turns the corner, will you know what to say? Find out the romantic words you need to impress your partner during the date.

How well do you know English dating terms?

There’s no need to use sign-language anymore. Take the English dating quiz and see how to win a date, talk about love and phrase your feelings.