The first historical information about Spain — Первая историческая информация о Испании

The first historical information about Spain is cited by foreigners, since the initial population of the peninsula, which we know from the remnants of a material culture that have come down to us, did not leave any written evidence that would allow us to more fully interpret the material finds.

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The lack of accurate information about the most ancient history of Spain does not allow restoring the course of events of that distant era.

It is believed that in the XVIII century. BC. Spain waged war with ancient Egypt. However, up to the XII century. BC, when, according to very plausible data, was founded by the Phoenicians of Cadiz, it is impossible to outline any plausible chronological outline.


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More or less accurate dating of events relating to the history of Spain becomes possible only from the XI century. BC. However, the first written evidence, which deals with Spain, refers only to the VI. BC. These are few and scarce texts of the Carthaginian and Greek authors, who barely shed light on the events of the early history of the Iberian Peninsula. By the V and IV centuries. BC. Include evidence of Greek historians and travelers, fragmentary and not amenable to explanation. Much fuller is later sources from the last two centuries BC. and the first centuries of our era, based on more ancient, not extant writings.

Similarly, in the Bible, in various books of the Old Testament, the area referred to as Tarshish or Tarsis is mentioned, which many researchers consider to be one of the regions of Spain (the southern part of Andalusia is the Guadalquivir valley or Murcia region).

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