9 May: Victory Day – 9 Мая: День Победы

Victory day Is a Great holiday. A special date in the life of every Russian. On day 9, the Soviet Red Army liberated our land from Nazi Germany. People back the freedom and peace of mind.

At what cost did we get this victory? How much grief and suffering she brought to people. How many people died defending their homeland? The great heroism and courage of the Russian soldier gave us a peaceful sky. The feat of millions of people will forever remain in the memory of the living generation. We will never forget their invaluable contribution to our existence.

This holiday is celebrated on May 9. Victory Day is the day when the Great Patriotic war of 1941-1945 ended. The war of the Soviet people with Nazi Germany, the bloodiest and most terrible event in the history of mankind.

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In the early summer morning of 1941, without any warning, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. The war lasted for four long years, millions of innocent people gave their lives for peace on earth. War is scary. Nazi Germany failed to capture our Homeland and establish its own order, the Red Army defeated the enemy, liberated its people. How much blood was shed, how many victims, how many people suffered in that war.

May 9 every year, traditionally across the country are celebrating Victory Day. Parades of military equipment, festive processions, fireworks, fireworks, concerts. People pay tribute to the fallen soldiers as liberators. Lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown soldier, memorials, and monuments of Victory. In honor of veterans.

Victory day is a favorite holiday of Russians, kind and bright, so much joy and happiness on this day. On the one hand, it is very painful to remember the difficult time that our people had to go through, but at the same time, feelings of endless gratitude overwhelm the soul.

We are the last generation that sees veterans, so let’s make sure that the future generation remembers and does not forget the price of Victory.

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