Thomas Aquinas — Фома Аквинский

Thomas Aquinas (1225−1274) lived during the critical period of Western culture. He was born into the arrival of the Aristotelian corpus, which was the reopening of the question between the relationship of faith and reason. To this point, there was believed to be an apparent distinction between the two. Thomas Aquinas is the foremost classical component of natural theology (Thomas Aquinas), and also the father of the «Thomistic School of Philosophy». This school was the primary philosophical approach of the Roman Catholic Church (Thomas Aquinas).

Thomas Aquinas was born into a wealthy family in Roccasecca, however, his parents were not fully supportive of his decisions. At the age of five, he began his studies at Montecassino. His parents then moved him to the University of Naples, due to a reoccurring battle between the family. After he attended the University of Naples, Thomas went to the schools of Paris and Cologne. He went to both of these schools against his parent’s wishes, and his mother followed him.

At the Cologne Institution, he studied with Albert the Great (Kemerling). Right after he Thomas arrived, Albert took him under his wing. After Thomas left Cologne, he went back to Paris and worked on his master and began to teach. Three years later after he got his masters, Thomas sat as one of the Dominican Chairs in the Faculty of Theology (Kemerling). On March 7, 121274-Thomas Aquinas died while on his way to the Council of Lyon in the Cistercian ababbey Fossanova, which is approximately 20 kilometers from Roccasecca (Thomas Aquinas).

Some of Thomas Aquinas’s great accomplishments include the founding of the Monastic schools and the Cathedral School of Notre Dame. He also defended the Mendicant order and countered both the Averroistic interpretations of Aristotelian and the Franciscan tendency to reject Greek philosophy (McInery & O’Callaghan). This resulted in a new modus vivendi between faith and philosophy, which survived until the new physics (McInery & O’Callaghan). Thomas’s theological writings became regulative of the Catholic Church and close textual commentaries on Aristotle. He is most famous for his writing on the «Five ways of proving the existence of God» and «Summa Theologic»(Thomas Aquinas).

Thomas Aquinas taught educators that science, faith, reason, math, physics, and all other subjects can stand together. He paved the way for educators to introduce an acceptable way of thinking. He believed in science and thought it was important, however, he was a religious person and proved that faith and reason combined, produced truth.

Thomas Aquinas is an inspiration to all educators because he was able to think outside of the box, and tried to reach all limits. He was a genius, theorizer, philosopher, and a regular human being who had many great writings. In my opinion, he is the exact description of the saying «let’s put our thinking caps on».

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