Sochi city – Город Сочи

Every summer I go with my parents to rest on the sea. It’s so nice to soak up the warm sunshine, breathe the sea air. For this season we have planned a trip to the city of Sochi. Of course, the pleasure is not cheap, but I think it costs a lot, itӳ small compared to the pleasure we get from the sea holiday. Tickets have already been bought, only it remains to wait for the parental leave. Gradually, I began to collect my things, putting the most beautiful dresses in a suitcase. After all, Sochi is the resort capital of Russia, so you need to look appropriate.

Waiting time flew by fast enough and tomorrow we will go to the best resort in Russia. Our train leaves early in the morning and the next day we will be there. When the train started, I clearly realized that tomorrow will begin my most memorable vacation.

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    В отличие от скайптич, где я писал что не зашло - здесь все намного интереснее. Уроки, занятия.. Рекоммендую...

In Sochi, we were early the next morning. There were a lot of people at the station, apparently, as we came to rest in this wonderful city. Taking a taxi, we went to the house in which we will live for the next two weeks. Upon arrival, we were met by the good-natured mistress of the estate and showed where we will live.

After a short rest after the road, we decided to go for a walk. It was very beautiful around, green palm trees delighted our eyes. In the courtyard where we stopped, persimmon and kiwi trees grew, braiding the whole arbor with its branches. Walking through the resort town, we finally reached the embankment. A wonderful view opened before us. On the right is the Black Sea, and in the distance was a long pedestrian promenade, which stretches for two kilometers. Walking through it, you admire the power of the Black Sea, and on the other hand, there are numerous attractions, souvenir shops and a large number of cafes and restaurants. Light music is heard everywhere. Many vacationers do not hesitate to dance under it. The embankment in Sochi can be called a green zone. A large number of flowerbeds with flowers and subtropical trees are concentrated here. Walking here, you can always sit on the beautiful forged benches that are installed throughout the embankment. And the most important thing that won me over was the presence of an aqua park on the waterfront. Steep hills from far away lure visitors to him.

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That is how our first day of rest began. And in the next two weeks, a lot of entertainment awaited us, which are concentrated in this town.

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