Accuracy of Data – Точность данных

Printed questionnaires would be best if used in a browser. This allows the user to view and use one screen from another, depending on the length of the questionnaire. This avoids prevents the user from having to scroll down multiple pages or leading to the wrong page.

Telephone surveys would be best if using graphics software. This allows the user to create a spreadsheet or graphs showing the difference between each survey answer. This helps determine what method is more effective for the purpose of the survey.

Bank checks would be best if used database software. This allows large amounts of information stored in secondary storage. It allows any change of information such as name, address, social security, and amount of the check.

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Retail tags are best when using spreadsheet software. This arranges columns and rows and calculates formulas. This is good when items are marked off with discount rates and helps the user determine the budget and analyze the data.

Long documents would be best used in the browser. This allows the users to jump from one page to another and is easier to access information through the web pages.

Convenience and Quality of Output
Handheld computers are best when used out of the office, or on the road. This is perfect for the user who constantly needs to follow up on emails.

The color photograph is best during a seminar or conference. The colored handouts are a great way to attract one’s attention and grab the reader directly to the information that you are discussing.

A resume is a good way to market oneself without having to introduce sell yourself to every person you meet. Lots of times, you don’t always have the opportunity to have a conversation. A resume is a great way to advertise yourself.

Memorandum is similar to a resume, to the part where you don’t always have the opportunity to have a discussion. Especially if it involves a group of people. A memorandum is a good way to pass around and notify people of the news.

The statistical report is a good way to analyze data and to see what is progressing and what is not. A report is a good way to create spreadsheets when being used in meetings, and conferences.

Company annual report is a good way to do an overview of the company’s budgets for the year. This determines how the company is spending their money, and how they are making money. Most important, is what areas need most work and allows employees to get some recognition.

Primary Storage and Secondary Storage
Primary storage is information that is kept in the computer that is being used most of the time, and secondary storage is information that isn’t used very often and can be loaded into the computer when needed. A good example of secondary storage is a floppy disk.

Different Types of Storage Devices
The hard drive is necessary to use on a computer. That is where all the important information that is used frequently is stored, also known as the primary storage.

Floppy disks are considered secondary storage, and it is used for storing information that isn’t always needed and can be loaded from one computer to another.

RAM is the memory space of the computer. RAM can be added onto the computer to allow more memory space. This is good for companies who store a lot of information in the primary storage.

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A CD ROM is another form of secondary storage. Just like a floppy disk, CD ROM is a simple way to burn data and transfer information from one computer to another.

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