Modern teenager — Современный подросток

What all comes to mind when asked what are some modern teenagers? Internet, computer games and mobile phone.

Our mothers at parents’ meetings complain about us, that the only thing is that we sit at a computer at home, walk a little, and very rarely go to the library. So they see us — the elders.

But not everything is so bad with us. My parents told me about their childhood, it was funny to them. They made slingshots, sprinklers out of bottles and played all over the yard, threw carbide into puddles and watched it fizz. And one day my father told me how he melted lead and made my mother a heart-shaped figure. From the day they are together. She showed me this heart, small and heavy for its shape.

In my opinion, the childhood of parents was poorer and more dangerous. There was nothing to buy toys for, I had to invent games, sometimes hazardous to health. We got another childhood. We do not ride on pieces of cardboard from a slide in winter, sweets are not a gift, but a need at will and we can buy them. In our free time, we spend time online chatting with our friends. After all, adults very often don’t have enough time for us. They work, watch TV or talk on the phone. Not the best example for us, their children.

And we tell each other our impressions for the day, share the news, share interests. And do not say that we do not read! Maybe we rarely go to the library, but we have an electronic library. Not all of our parents have money for new books, but a lot of books can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or phone. It is fast and convenient for the modern teenager. And do not blame us for this, we are such modern teenagers. Now it is fashionable to go in for sports, read books, and then watch movies made with these books and share impressions. Any teenager wants to be better and strives for it. Our time is the time of Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Instagram. But there is nothing wrong with that. After all, Harry Potter is a magical world of books that feed our imagination, Pokemon and Instagram “walk” us on the street.

There are so many interesting things in the world, I want to share it with everyone. Therefore, we spend a lot of time at the computer, we collect information, we learn, it is always with us. What are we, modern teenagers? We are active, athletic, love jeans with holes and social networks. The Internet also does not make us worse, it makes us people of the modern world, the new century. Just to understand this, parents should at least sometimes talk to us. We did not choose the time to be born, but do not refuse the comforts of this century. And parents too, isn’t it?